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EZ Estimator

ez a series

LIMITED TIME OFFER (based on 12 month sign up)...
$77 USD / Monthlyly

Perform an On-Screen take-off at Electronic Plan Rooms or simply "Google" a floor plan for doing any 'Online' Takeoff.

house drawing

watch "Google Floor Plans" take-off video here...

Finish Plan

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watch "On-Screen" take-off video here

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watch "Digitizing of Paper Drawings" video here

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watch video "On-Site Quotes / Field Measures"

EZ google a floor plan

EZ Estimator introduces ISP technology

EZ seamless data flow chart

HIGHLIGHTS OF EZ Estimator software include:

seam layout h1seam layout h3

EZ Estimator allows for "real-time" interaction and manipulation of wastage displayed on seaming layouts ... next image illustrates the lowering of carpet waste percentage down to 8% from 13 %. A 5% saving of carpet waste that goes a long way to increasing your "Competitive Edge".

seam layout h2

EZ Estimator eliminates the "Guess Factor" with on-screen "floor & wall tile grids" that display directional tile layouts with split tile options!

Our next illustration has a tile waste factor of 9% only because we elected not to check off the "distribute split tiles" option.

tile grid i1

In the following illustration we elect to introduce the split tile cut-offs back in as "tile in-fill" thereby eliminating the 9% waste factor. EZ Estimator easily allows you to choose from either the "Split" or "Full Tile" option.

tile grid i2

EZ Estimator also assists with On-screen "floor & wall tile grids" for displaying directional tile layouts... allows for easy rotation of tile grids in order to comply with architectural finish plans or elevations.

tile grid i3

tile grid i5

tile grid 4

mobile agentEZ Estimator also installs on the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Tablet... allowing you to keep up with Work Loads while away from the Office!

It's Simple... EZ Estimator is smart technology that saves "TIME", lowers Overhead and protects your Competitive Edge all while Increasing Profits!

Erwin Twerdochlib, president/CEO of Bid Tech Inc., said EZ Estimator includes seamless data flow between all departments including:

EZ Estimator software is best described as an "Integrated Smart Plan" that offers the most streamlined, easy-to-use profit center for businesses.

...Professional Takeoff Software without the Learning Curve!

Improve productivity and save time with EZ Estimator Takeoff Software

Additional Specifications on EZ Estimator:

ez e series

Call us for Pricing or to receive an Online Demonstration of our Estimating Products: 1-877-482-6114 (Toll Free)

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