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...we are able to produce accurate bids in less than half the time

Walter Raho - 2005-02-06

...Looking for ease-of-use, a complete estimating solution from blueprint to total bid price

Anthony - 2008-01-07


Reason for Buying: Discovered Bid Techâ„¢ estimating solutions while attending the Surfaces Trade Show . We were impressed with the quickness by which a project could be taken off as well as the ease in generating concise accurate results through various report formats. In addition, we chose to go with the OrderMaster system because we felt it would help improve both operational and organizational behaviors within the company. Also important to us was being able to better manage the paper flow of work orders and purchase orders between all departments.

Jim Sawers, Owner


...allowing us to work the quickest way possible while maintaining the highest level of accuracy (Control)

Trevor, Sales Manager - 2006-11-15

DUGUID FLOORING LTD made sense to go with the system that offered more bids to be generated in a reduced time frame and also works to increase our competitive edge.

Frank Harrington - 2004-07-30


...I did $1.8 million sales my first full year as an estimator

Andrew Hawkins - 2020-01-23


...allowed us to move up to the latest and greatest technology with new built-in time saving features

Bob Seiter - 2001-04-10

February 7, 2019

Bid Tech Inc

Attn: Erwin Twerdochlib

Re: Bid Tech Software


I would like to take just a minute to let you know how pleased I am with your software.

Back in 2000 I was in need of a new bidding software. Our inhouse written estimating software which was DOS was coming to an end. Even though it was doing what we thought we needed we knew it was time to move to current technology.

I went to Surfaces that year on a mission to find an estimating software that was simple to use, did accurate cut mapping of roll goods, gave me room by room quantities and a nice simple summary sheet. I found it with Bid Tech.

Over the many years of doing business with Erwin, he has introduced many new products that helps the estimators with ease of pricing adjustments to their bids. With his OrderMaster software, that makes it so that the estimates are on the network for all to share, look at, and edit to make last minute adjustments prior to submitting our bid.

The OrderMaster software does much more than assist with bid pricing. This software will allow you to write purchase orders, write work orders/subcontracts. You can track your materials and log them into the network software so that all can see what materials have arrived and what is in transit or still at the mill.

Finally, with Bid Tech, you get more than the best flooring covering software made, you get Erwin who is truly a friend to everyone who has an account with him. Erwin helps me out from purchasing our new computers from him so that the software on the computers are compatible with the Bid Tech software to any take off issues that we might have by connecting to our computers on Go to Meeting and working live with us on individual and office training.

Erwin, thank you for 19 years of a wonderful business relationship and friendship!

If I can be of any help to you, please let me know.

Come on down when your schedule opens someday, and we will go fishing on the Colorado River!

Best Regards,

Bob Seiter


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