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Frequently Asked Questions

1. So often we get asked "So how does your product compare to other estimating products?"

Our answer is always the same - "EZ Estimator" w/ ISP Technology is in a Class, All of Its Own. A takeoff software application engineered to perform as a highly "Integrated Smart Plan"...providing Seamless data flow between all departments (measuring, estimating & sales order desk). In essence, allowing the 'Work' performed by (1) individual, basically the 'Estimator' to be shared by ALL...

In order for estimating software to be effective it needs to fulfill certain criteria:

2. How Much time will I save by switching from a scale ruler over to your application?

Our answer - Save more than 80% of your normal workload per day, working easier and faster with no more transcription errors. You only need to do the job once!

3. How difficult is it to learn?

Our answer - Not Hard at All!

4. How will I benefit from the use of your software?

Our clients describe the benefits of using the Bid Tech Estimating system as follows:

Bid Tech offers us the "Professional Tools" we need in order to compete in the Floor Covering Industry!

5. How intelligent or sophisticated is this system? Are there certain limitations of it's use, and others which were perhaps not mentioned for good reason?

It's important that you account for detail! Talk to existing users... discover what most other competitive applications lack in fulfilling total job requirements. Make sure your getting the "complete picture" behind their product's effective use as an estimating system. Make sure it's clear in your mind how the program works; do not base your decision to purchase on assumptions. Chances are, if you weren't told about something it's probably not there!

Our prime objective is to focus on getting you to the bid price in the fastest and most accurate format possible. Digitize in your dimensions, key in your profit and print off your priced report! It's just that easy!

6. Does it consider both the products dimension i.e. tile and room, border or perhaps elevation dimensions when calculating total product requirements? Or does one have to apply guess factors to take-offs that reflect only net area square footage. Really, how accurate are the product's quantities that are being generated?

Answer: Special consideration is given to all floor plan dimensions as well as product dimensions, when calculating total product requirements i.e. rounding up to a full tile or splitting the tile in half or in the case of roll goods automatically calculating fill pieces requirements while accounting for waste materials.

EZ Estimator eliminates the so called 'Guess Factor' so often associated with other competitive applications. Bid Tech clients enjoy a more automated approach to the application of floor covering take-off, benefiting by a more accurate detailed account and summation of materials in projects that yield higher profits.

Retail / Residential Contract / Property Management / Commercial

Call us for Pricing or to receive an Online Demonstration of our Estimating Products: 1-877-482-6114 (Toll Free)

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