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Support & Training

support and training

Customers have access to support 24 hrs per day, 7 days a week through our toll free help line 1-877-482-6114.

You can also contact us by email:

Training Programs

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The core of Bid Tech's service is to help clients focus their energies toward specific goals!

Bid Tech guarantees that the trainee will master the application through Bid Tech Training programs.

Bid Tech has the right tools and people to help individuals achieve the necessary skills in contract estimating.

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2 Day Training Program

We offer a 2 day training session at our corporate office. Our comprehensive training program includes:

Customized Training Sessions

Have you recently hired an individual who is new to the flooring industry? Or have an employee who is struggling to grasp important estimating procedures? We offer customized training solutions to help any individual who is willing to learn new trade secrets and important estimating techniques. You can select from any one of the following training topics for your program:

Review & Interpretation of Project Specifications Manual

During this session the estimator receives instruction on "accounting for details"... in essence learning effective trade practices, knowing what to be watchful of in order that the correct materials and labor factors get incorporated into your bid process. The success of any business is largely dependent on their estimators being well-versed on scope of work, job performance and total project requirements relative to their particular trade section... including such topics as:

Blue Print Reading and Understanding Floor Plan Layouts

We show the estimator how to apply recognized industry standards in their take-offs. Applicants will learn how various installation techniques impact the overall project cost estimate. Get briefed on "accounting for detail"...improved accuracy allowing for more reliable job estimates. Study how floor plans with high fashion design and intricate patterned layouts are impacted by a product's size, shape and roll width dimensions. Practice creating effective floor plan layouts; involving various floor finishes, fills & waste and seaming diagrams. Learn how to control, minimize and better manage product waste factors. Factors that not only contribute greatly to lowering the overall project cost but work well to increasing the odds of winning the bid.

Knowledge Based Estimating Applications and Procedures

Applicants get the opportunity to learn how to generate various styles of reports... including cut maps for roll goods, an array of product quantity and pricing reports used for depicting different project cost scenarios. These topics are geared towards generating a higher return on investment for the user.

Improving Overall Take-Off Ability

This session begins with a general assessment of the applicants current working knowledge and understanding of estimating applications. The estimator is required to complete several "trial" take-offs. Through these exercises we can easily detect areas of weakness or strength relative to skill, accuracy and overall comprehension of floor covering estimation. The applicant will then work through a series of exercises that target these problem areas and help build renewed confidence in the take-off process. Again, all assignments differ in both material and floor plan content. Any blue prints or drawings that hold particular interest to the client may also be brought to and worked on during this session.

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